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Data Technician
Data Technician
17.02.2020, 13:31, odsłon: 501
The job description of a Voice and Data Technician is far from complicated.

The job description of a Voice and Data Technician is far from complicated. The bulk of your work will revolve around the installation and maintenance of the client's equipment, which includes wireless and voice solutions and network accessories.  Data Technician 

Typically, a Voice and Data Technician will be tasked with executing structured cabling work to install, service and maintain, repair and modify the low voltage category cabling, communications cabling, fiber optic cabling, and the other several low voltage cabling systems.

Clients and businesses gain many benefits from having a qualified and competent Voice and Data Technician at their service. For instance, you’ll complete physical installations, remove structured cabling components, move equipment, handle pathway systems (cable tray), cabinets, racks, and related infrastructure equipment while working flexible hours as per the needs of the organization.
Voice and Data Technicians are in high demand thanks to the growing possibilities surrounding the realm of modern telecoms. Field Engineer helps you capitalize on those opportunities by finding the companies that need freelance experts like you!
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